The Vision

It’s not easy to replicate that feeling of freedom you had as a kid on a bike. Wind in your hair, bugs in your teeth, and the world (or at least the neighborhood) was your oyster. From sunup until the street lights came on, you rode that bike .. with your banana seat, chopper handlebars, sissy bar, and colored spoke straws. Maybe you had a cool Stingray or a Pixie.

Anyone lucky enough to ride bicycles as a child remembers the absolute joy. The adventures and the independence that came with your first set of wheels. No matter how far or how long you rode, your thighs never burned, your breathing was never labored and you barely broke a sweat. Remember those days?

What if you could have a grown-up version of that experience?

At Seattle Electric Bicycle Company, our vision is to recreate that feeling. We can’t make you young again but we can transport you back to childhood. Enjoy all of the fun without all of the effort. Imagine that same wind in your hair and the exhilaration of reaching speeds up to 25 mph without any effort. Hilly topography, long or short distances, bike lanes, bridges, or just off the beaten path .. nothing is beyond your reach on an Ebike.

Pure, unadulterated FUN no matter your age, experience, or fitness level.

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The Origin Story

The idea for Seattle Electric Bicycle Company came about as I watched my husband struggle to find an existing electric bike that measured up to his expectations. He wanted an e-bike that was built in the US, using the absolute highest quality components and as many American-made parts as possible. He wanted to feel safe riding the busy streets of Seattle. When he couldn’t find the perfect bike, Jeff switched gears and decided to modify his existing bike. He spent countless hours hunting for the best replacement parts available. By the time he finished, everything but the frame had been replaced. The results were spectacular and cool and the bike turned heads everywhere he rode it. It didn’t take long to figure out we had something special. We’re pretty sure you’ll agree and we can’t wait to share it with you!

Founder of Seattle Electric Bicycle Company


Making it Our Mission

The Seattle Electric Bicycle Company is the only female-founded electric bicycle manufacturer in the country. All of our bikes are custom, hand-built in the US, using American parts and labor. We source locally, whenever possible, with less than 10% of the finished product containing componentry from outside of North America.

Striving to offer the best possible rider experience, each Seattle Electric bike is tailored to the specification of its intended owner, down to grips and dashboard configuration. Using only the highest-quality materials available, the Seattle Electric Bicycle Company handcrafts electric ‘motorbikes with the individual rider, and their safety, in mind.

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